Story #1

Story #1

This is a short story about a small and shy Website who became a superman and brought a bunch of customers for his Boss!

The story goes back to 90th when people just started creating simple websites for their business. Our small website Webee was created those days too. Webee was a lively young man happy to serve to his Boss. The small website worked hard 24/7 and brought as many clients as he could. Within years Webee and his Boss became best friends and their friendship seemed to be strong forever!

16 years has past… Now is 2016 and our young and lively boy has already retired and he can’t run as fast as he could. He can’t convert as many clients as he could. He can’t find and show products as fast as young and modern websites do. His interface became old and he can’t lead clients to a proper product fast enough.

Webee got very upset as he can’t help his best friend Boss continue growing his business in the world of tough competition. Thus, he watched for modern, incredibly fast and gorgeous websites enviously and dreamed to return his youth and feel strength and confidence in his muscles again as it used to be.

One autumn raining day Webee was surfing the web in search of Youth Elixir and a company who was experienced enough to help in creating the Elixir. He asked an old wizzard to show him a list of companies who was major in creating Elixirs. Webee chose one company off the list, caught a taxi and went to his life dream right away. The young traveller got to his destination and went out of the car. Webee held his breath with even no blinking as he was standing right in front of his dream. A brown wooden door with a white plate on it and a short title

Having stood within several minutes Webee plucked up courage, opened the door and went in to meet a better future

Once our friend came in, he got astonished! Webee got into a big light hall with many people where everyone looked very busy. Right in front of him in several feet he saw a row of new, splendid, user-friendly, fast as wind websites made in 2016 who were getting his last instructions from a weird man with sick black beard and eyeglasses on his nose. On the left he saw a man who was swinging in the hummock with a laptop on his belly. On the right Webee saw exactly what he looked for… a queue of the guys like he was… websites made in 90th. They looked thrilled to get their turn and get Elixir which can help them become as awesome as those guys from the first queue.

One-by-one they came up to a small box for recipes and started explaining their complaints to an old good-natured woman.

Having heard their stories she started writing something with a pan on a blank white paper with a stamp «WebeeTeks». Then she finished and gave the recipe to the client with a smile showing where to get the required Elixir.

Webee waited 30 min. and finally it’s his turn to tell his story and get the treasured Youth Elixir. Webee told his story… how happy he had been and what happened with him and why he couldn’t help his best friend Boss anymore. He babbled and babbled. The old woman listened to him attentively and issued a special recipe for update.

Webee grabbed the recipe and went quickly to the cabinet with a white door and a black plate on it with a title «Stock of Youth Elixir». Fortunately, there was no queue. Webee opened the door and came in. A young storekeeper took the recipe, found the necessary Elixir on his shelves and gave it to our small friend.

Now he only needed to find the last cabinet. Cabinet of Updates. Fortunately, it was next to the Stock. Webee ran out of the Stock and headed to the Update Cabinet. Once he came to the necessary room, he jumped into the first free chair, opened the Elixir and drank the whole bottle in one gulp.

Suddenly, he jumped on the spot and felt dizzy… In several min the Elixir started doing his work. New interface icons appeared instead of the old ones. Webee’s body got painted with new bright color. Main page changed his structure and became catchy. Easy-to-use interface. Sliders and Live search will help customers to find products and sales easily and fast. And finally he got the the most important upgrade… marketing triggers to catch customers.

Webee cried for a joy because now he is as good as new website made in 2016 and he can help his best friend Boss again as he did many years ago.

To be continued…
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