Story #2

Story #2

Some time already passed since Webee had drunken the Youth Elixir. And now our small friend looks like a Hollywood star! Chic haircut, stylish look and heart full of energy and desire to grow. One Friday's night he was wandering along a lonely night street with bright lampposts and shop signs.

Having walked near a bench he noticed a man in a shabby cloth. This poor man stooped sitting on the bench and looked very sad. Webee decided to come up and ask if he needed any help. The old man was happy to meet someone and pour out his heart.

Webee sat near the man, pulled his thermos with flavoured coffee out of the bag and poured two paper glasses. The sad man's name was Boby. He had a problem with his websites made in 90th. The problem was with conversion rate. Customers don't buy as many products as they used to.

Webee tapped him on the shoulder with light smile and said:

"No worry, Boby! I know what can help you. You just need to go to the Happy Website Factory and ask them to give you a portion of Youth Elixir." Bobby frowned.

"I know it sounds strange but believe me, that's exactly what you need! Give me several minutes and I will explain you.

1. Your major problem is that your design looks very shabby and old. People love everything that shines bright, looks beautiful and eye-catching. You need to have an awesome wrapper to catch customers and motivate them to surf through your pages.
2. Look at your search bar! I've just tried to find a pair of shoes and got a lamp instead! Customers just can't find what they're looking for.

3. You don't show web pages on mobile devices properly. in 2017 mobile traffic will exceed the desktop traffic and your design is still not responsive. It means that you just loose all mobile clients, because your pages just don't show your products and services in a user-friendly manner.
4. Another important thing is that your information is not logically structured. You need to highlight your top advantages instead of hiding them deep in piles of texts.

Look here. I will show you a simple example:

Do you see the difference? The new design is logically structured, clean and neat! It has marketing titles, triggers and forms that explain what this site is about and what the customer needs to do to start working with the website".

Webee said in one breath."Well - you're right I got stuck in old design and need to evolve if I want to be competitive."

"Absolutely!" replied Webee

"Sooo, how can I find this Happy Website Factory? What's their address? I definitely want their magic Elixir that will give me strength and transform me into a modern splendid website!"

"Just go to or use the Get In Touch button below. Hurry up my friend! The competitors are already evolving."

To be continued…
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